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What is the Purpose of The Registry?

The purpose of The Colorado Springs Registry, Inc is collecting, recording and exchanging business information for and between it's members; to encourage cooperation between the members in order that the various business of the members will become more efficient and provide better service; to develop and carry on such activities, as shall be found best to promote the welfare of its members and effect the purposes for which the organization is formed, and to encourage business and professional development within the community as a whole.  We are not involved in any civic, social or donation type program for any reason.  The information exchanged is to be kept strictly confidential.

Benefits of Joining

Becoming a member of the Colorado Springs Registry opens the doors to establishing meaningful connections with a vast array of professional business people in the local Colorado Springs area.  Anytime a need for an outside vendor arises, there's a good chance you can find someone you already know and trust within The Colorado Springs Registry who can help.

The Colorado Springs Registry does not permit more than one member of any given profession into the group.  

Given time, you will become the go-to-person in your field.  With roughly forty professionals in the organization, The Registry becomes a far more effective marketing, networking and lead generating resource than any form of local advertising.

HOW DO I JOIN? If you are interested in joining The Colorado Springs Registry, or have any questions - 

President,  Jason Twitchell at 719 579-9010

Vice President, Don Miller at 719 382-7648

Secretary, Beckie Stewart at 330-6980

Membership Questions

WHO CAN JOIN?: Membership is open to any business or profession that is not already represented. Each representative must be an owner, an officer, or other executive with policy-making authority, of the business entity, except that the membership may, provided no dissenting vote is cast, allow a person, not otherwise qualified into membership". "Alternates may attend all meetings of the membership, and shall have the same privileges, rights, and obligations as a regular representative, provided, however that the alternate may not vote except in the absence of the regular representative.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The initial fee is $100.  This includes your first month of dues, which is thereafter $70.00 per month.

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